After Twitter, Elon Musk has now changed the name of this app

After Twitter, Elon Musk has now changed the name of this app! know what is 

Twitter : X was earlier known as Twitter. That control has turned to TweetDeck, a dashboard app. That means now TweetDeck can be called Xpro. Now when customers log off and go to the TweetDeck website, they will see ‘XPro’ written at the top of the page. This is due to the rebranding of TweetDeck, although the URL will remain the same.

After Twitter, Elon Musk now changed the name of this app

What did the agency say?

The agency said on the page, “XPro is an easy way to view some timeline columns in a simple interface.” Ex-owner Elon Musk announced this rebranding last week. Responding to a post about TweetDeck, Musk wrote, “The call is turning over to XPro. This will include a wide variety of Syop plugins.

Last month, the platform released an upgraded model of TweetDeck, saying “within 30 days, customers must be confirmed to have access to TweetDeck.” Musk began hinting at Twitter’s rebranding as an ‘X’ on July 23 with a series of tweets, one of which said, “Soon we will be dropping the Twitter symbol and slowly saying goodbye to all the birds.” Will say Since then, Twitter’s callsign and blue fowl symbol have been modified on all platforms.

On the other hand, it seems that the agency is working on ID-based verification for now. App researcher Nima Ovji shared a screenshot on Tuesday showing that when someone clicks on a user’s blue checkmark, a new label is displayed that reads, “This account ID has been verified.” Ouji said, “Twitter (X) started working earlier this month but it looks like they have started working on it again.

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