11 Kerala women bought lottery tickets for Rs 250 by adding Rs 25 each, won Rs 10 crore

11 women won a lottery of Rs 10 crore: 11 women plastic pickers in Malappuram, Kerala, together bought a lottery ticket worth Rs 250. These women could not believe that they have won this lottery of 10 crores.

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women are cleaning workers in the municipality

These women work as garbage bins in the local municipality of Malappuram district of Kerala. 11 women sweepers who went door-to-door to collect non-biodegradable waste in Kerala have won a lottery of Rs 10 crore. The women hail from Malappuram district of Kerala. Here Parapanangadi works as a sweeper in the Harit Karma Sena of the municipality.

Bought lottery ticket by adding 25-25 rupees, won 10 crore rupees

Bought lottery ticket by adding 25-25 rupees, won 10 crore rupees

Women would not have thought even in their dreams that they would become a millionaire one day. 11 women had bought lottery tickets by adding money. Out of these, 9 women gave Rs.25 each and the remaining two women together gave Rs.25. The cost of a lottery ticket was Rs.250. When the news of winning the lottery came, then these women were separating the garbage from the godown.

The economic condition of these women was not so good that they alone could buy a lottery ticket of Rs.250. This Kerala Monsoon Bumper Lottery was released by the Kerala Lotteries Department. 11 women had bought a lottery ticket of Rs.250 by collecting Rs.25 each. When these women came to know, their happiness knew no bounds.

Earlier also women had bought lottery tickets by adding money 3 times, once they won 1000 rupees in Onam bumper lottery. For the fourth time, he bought a ticket by adding Rs 250, and won Rs 10 crore.

Women said that with this money they will get rid of debt

When Radha, 49, got this happy news, she could not believe the shock she felt. This lottery will provide relief to women and their families who are buried under debt. Radha said, “We cannot believe it. We are facing many economic challenges. It is expected that our debt will be cleared with this amount. Radha’s family has a debt of 3 lakh rupees, they will be cleared. A woman who won the lottery said, “I am still in shock. We asked many people because it was unbelievable.”

When people came to know that 11 women had bought lottery tickets by adding money and won 10 crores, then people came to the warehouse to congratulate those women.

But according to the rule money will be deposited in one’s bank account. Rs 10 crore will not be enough for these women. Income tax, agent commission and other charges will also be applicable from this.

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