What is Blogging? & How to start blogging for free in 2022?

What is Blogging? & How to start blogging for free in 2022?

What is Blogging – How to start blogging for free in 2022 – Friends, if you want to know about blogging, then you have come to the right place, today in this blog post what is Blog and Blogging? And going to know easily about how to earn money from it. If you also have a lot of interest in blogging and it is very important for you to understand blogging well.

Blogging is known in a very simple language by the names of Website, Site, Blog. Blogging is very simple.

Everyone wants to do blogging but no one can get much success in blogging, because blogging requires a lot of time. If you try to do blogging with your hard work and dedication, then you will definitely become successful in blogging.

People can be blogging to earn money or to share the information they have. But let me tell you something about blogging that blogging means there is only a website that makes fun of reaching the information near it to the people. Like if you give any information to Google, then Google transmits that information to the people through blogging.

By the way, you can earn a lot of money by blogging, but blogging should be as important as a Passion or Work. Only then you can become a good successful blogger.

Many people do not know what blogging is, how to start it? So for all those people, we have tried to tell in this post in simple language.

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What is Blog?

Friends, let me tell you that Blog is called a Website in direct language. As you post on Facebook and Whatsapp, blogging is a Google platform on which you can share the information you have, and whatever information you have shared, Google reaches people as its search result.

If you have good knowledge in any topic, then you can reach that information on Google with the help of your blog or website, it is called Blogging. Every person can do blogging but he should come to know from his own point of view.

By creating a good blog, you can promote your business as well as you can increase your sales.

What is Blogging?

We can call Blogging an Internet page or Web page. Just like when you search anything in Google, whatever search result you get is called blogging and the search result which is easily read is called Blog Post. Both Blogging and Blog also affect Google Search Engine.

You can also call blogging the world of the Internet, you can also earn a lot of money by using blogging.

What is blogging how to start it?

If you want to start blogging then it is very important for you to have a good internet connection with a mobile, laptop. It is very important for you to know a little bit about blogging. If you read this post completely then what is Blog and Blogging? What is blogging how to start it? You will get the answer.

You can also start blogging from your mobile for free or if you are thinking of doing professional blogging, then it is very important to have a laptop or PC, so that you will be able to do blogging well.

Now the question will be in your mind that how to do blogging for free and how to earn money from blogging. So you will definitely get the answers to all your questions in the post below.

Is it right to start blogging in 2022?

If you also do not know about blogging, then you read our blogging post completely. But if you see some videos about blogging on youtube, then it is not right to do blogging in 2021 in those few videos? This is told.

Let me tell you that if you want to start blogging even today, then you can do it? Blogging has not ended. You should know to do only a good Niche and Keyword Research.

Blogging will continue as long as there is Google? And I believe that there is less competition in blogging. If you select a good bottom then you get very little competition.

How to start blogging for free in 2022?

As you have come to know that there are two types of blogs, one of them is Free Blogging which you want to start. If you want to do blogging for free, then you have to create your account by going to Blogger.com, then you can start your free blogging on this subdomain Blogger.com.

After all, what is this blogger.com? It is important to know a lot about it, because it takes a lot of work from starting blogging to stopping.

Blogger.com is a very privacy platform that helps you a lot to do blogging for free, but if you want to start blogging for free then you can easily choose this platform.

You can also start your own blog for free by visiting Medium.com. Medium.com is a very big platform, through which you can easily reach people for free by writing the things you have.

wix.com is considered to be a very large network platform. With the help of this platform also you can start your own free blog. You have to start the website from the costom domain of Wix itself. There you are given all the content related to the website.

Weebly.com has also been considered a big platform, if you want to create a website related to business, then you can use it well and you can design your website well.

You can also share many ideas with Tumblr, you have to go to tumbler.com and create an account, then you can work by choosing the category in which you are interested.

You can also write articles for free on Quora.com, but if you work against the policy of Quora, then this site bans you and you cannot work on this website again.

What is Paid Blogging and how to start it?

If you want to make a career in blogging, then with my advice you should do paid blogging. With which you will be able to customize your blog well, as well as you can convert the blog into professional blogging by setting up a good theme.

To start paid blogging, you have to go to WordPress.com and create your account. Then you have to select one of your niches. Now you have to take the domain which you can buy from only good and trustworthy websites like Godday, Namecheap. Now you also need hosting to set up your blog on WordPress. Which you set up the server of your blog.

Types of blogging

Friends, let me tell you that the world of blogging has grown a lot, in the same way there are many types of blogging, but the real type of blog depends on its content and how you want to present it. As the type of blogging depends more on its category or niche.

Some types of blogging that you will get to see below. Personal BloggingIf anyone starts a blog for himself then it is considered as personal blogging. For example, if a person likes to share his day’s work by writing something, then it becomes his personal blog. Let me tell you that personal blogs are created only for their own purpose. As you write in your own diary, in the same way, you write on the blog, it will be called a personal blog.

Professional Blogging

Friends, bloggers who make their career in the world of blogging are called professional bloggers. If you take less money from blogging then you are a professional blogger. If you want to do professional blogging, then you should know all the ways of blogging.

If a blogger is taking care of his household expenses from blogging and he is getting a good lack from blogging, then you can easily call him a professional blogger. For professional blogging, you need a lot of your hard work and your patience.

Amit Agrawal is the biggest professional blogger in India, which is a very big blogger. He left his job for his blogging career. He takes so little from blogging that no company could give him.

Like talking about a job, you have to go to the office on Time for a job and also have to listen to your boss but if you make blogging your job then you will not listen to anyone, you will be able to work as per your wish. And your salary will also not be fixed.

Group Blogging

If any person starts blogging by creating his own group, then you can call him group blogging. In Group Blogging, you see 2-3 people working together and you run your blog well.

Niche Blogging

A person makes his blog on any one topic, we call it Niche Blogging. In Niche Blogging, the topic is the same, but the category is many and many different categories, which depend on the same niche.

If you are told for example, if you start your blog in Sports Niche, then you will have to write all the sports in that website. Cricket, Football, Hockey, WWE etc. You will have to cover all these sports in your website. It will be considered as a Professional Niche Blog.

Micro Niche Blogging

If you have understood about Niche Blogging, then you will easily understand Micro Niche Blogging. Just like you cover any one type in Niche Blog, similarly in Micro Niche Blog you have to create a blog on any one category only.

For example, if you choose Cricket as your Micro Niche, then you have to write only about Cricket. You cannot write about any other sport.

Event Blogging

Blogging is considered to be the best event in blogging. Now what is this Event Blogging? Will know about it.

You can also call event blogging as micro low blogging. If you only like to write about an event on your blog, then you can call it Event Blogging. If you have a lot of interest in an event, then you can do event blogging, it can be very beneficial for you.

How to earn money From blogging

If you do blogging with your dedication and hard work, then you can earn good money from blogging. Talking about blogger, you can generate a lot of revenue by placing Adsense ads. If a lot of traffic comes to your blog, then you also get the promotion of placing Banner Ads from any company.

From Blogging, you can earn money from this type –

  • Google Adsense
  • Advertising
  • Paid promotion
  • Content Subscription
  • Guest Post
  • Membership Websites
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Coaching
  • Online Courses
  • Ebooks


Whatever we have told you about blogging today, you must have understood it in full detail, that’s how we understand it and whatever questions you may have about blogging, you will also have the answer to what we have written about blogging and blog – How to Start Blogging Free in 2022 will be found in this post.

If you do not understand the topic of any blogging, then you can tell us by commenting below or you can also contact us on our e-mail. If you like our post, then do share this post with your friends. Thanks…..!

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