How to take a Loan From EPF?

How to take a Loan From EPF?

Hello, friends welcome to our blog. Today in this post we will tell you How To Take a loan From EPF?, What is EPF loan interest? And whether it is safe to take a loan from EPFor not, we are going to tell about it in detail.

If all of you need money, then all of you have to take a loan. Now many times all of you are not able to get an instant loan. But nowadays due to being online, everything is available as soon as possible. You can take a loan sitting at home with the help of the EPF. You just have to do a little process about which I have told you below.

What is EPF?

EPF or Employee’s Provident Fund is a government-approved retirement benefits scheme available to eligible salaried individuals employed in India. Under EPF rules both the employer and employee make an equal contribution to this fund, which offers tax saving benefits and can be withdrawn with interest at the time of retirement.

How to take a Loan From EPF?

Withdrawals against the EPF account is more of an advance than a loan. Advances can be taken during the course of employment under certain conditions. Apart from the reason for the advance, the number of years of service that the employee has completed also plays a vital role. The advance form, Form 31, must be submitted with other required documents in order to avail a loan. The process to avail the loan can be completed on the EPFO portal. Employees must use their UAN login to the portal. However, individuals can login only if the UAN activation process is complete.


We have told you in this blog about how to take a loan from EPF. If you face any problem in taking a loan from EPF, then you can easily tell us by commenting, we will try to answer all your questions easily. Also, if you are facing a problem in taking a loan, then you can easily take a loan with the help of Google Pay, Amazon Pay, PhonePe.

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