How to Earn Money from Online Survey | Top 5 Best Survey Sites

How to Earn Money from Online Survey | Top 5 Best Survey Sites

Hi Friends..! Welcome to your the blog. Today we are going to talk about Earn Money from Online Survey {Top 5 Best Survey Sites}. After all, what are these Online Surveys? And how to earn money by doing online surveys? And how to solve online surveys? You will get the answers to all these questions in this post.

Often many people search for an online part-time job, and one of them is an online survey. Whenever any student is looking for some work online, Google first shows the search result for the online survey.

Online Survey is such a platform that you can easily earn a good income by solving some surveys sitting at home, today we will tell you how to earn money in this postal survey. Together we will talk about 5 such online survey sites which will give you 100% income. And we will also tell you about some Payouts.

You know that today everything is available online, you do not have to go anywhere, similarly, you can easily earn money sitting at home by answering some questions online, but if you search for online work, then many companies can cheat on you.

So avoid all those companies and start your work only by visiting the same Survey Sites which we have told you below, you will get 100% profit and your time will not be wasted. So let’s see below about how to make money online survey.

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What is an Online Survey?

Friends, you know that there are many such companies in the world about which we do not know and there are also companies about which we all know easily.

When any company, how is the product of that company and who knows this company in the whole country? To see all these, the company offers an online survey of its own. Which sends to us through the online survey site.

Then you have to answer that survey. Then from your answer, the company gets to know about its product and the company gives you money for answering these questions correctly.

How to earn money from an online survey

Nowadays everyone wants to earn money by working online, but if you must be thinking that making an online income is very easy, then you are wrong. It takes a lot of hard work to work online, along with you also have to give time, only then you can earn money online.

Online Survey Karke Paise You can easily earn money, and for that, you will not have to spend much time. You can do this work like Part Time. In an online survey, the company provides you with the survey which you have to answer. The survey is very easy, you can easily solve it.

We will tell you some online survey questions below, seeing which you will easily be able to solve the survey. You will not have any problem, but whatever survey you are answering, you will have to give all the answers with your signature, only then you can be selected in the survey. In all surveys, you can earn money only by answering some questions.

Online Survey Questions Example 

  • Q. How old are You?

Answer:- ________________

  • Q. What is your favorite Game?

Answer:- ——————-

  • Q. In which city do you live?

Answer:- __________________

  • Q. In Which company mobile do you use?

Answer:- You must have been given the names of the company in response, out of which you have to select.

In the same way, you will get many questions in which you have to answer some questions very well, if you make a mistake in answering any question, then you get disqualified from the survey, then you will not get to work in that survey.

Now you must have understood the question, now we will tell you about 5 such survey sites below, using which you can easily earn money online.

Top 5 Best Survey sites you can easily get online earn money

Note:- Please note that use only those online survey sites which we have told you about because if you go to any other sites then those sites will get you work done but you will not be given money, you may be trapped.

If you do online surveys to earn money like this keyword search on Google, then you will get a lot of search results. You will be told that you will get 100% income, then those people are trying to trap you.

If you have to work, then I have given you the below online survey sites as well as income proof, which we have used, you should use only that and earn a lot of money so that you do not have any loss. So let’s see.

Top 5 Sites from which you can reduce money from Online Survey

If you are new then you should use this LifepointsPanel Online Survey sites because this is such a survey site using which you will be able to earn money easily.

Information about LifePoints Panel :-

LifepointsPanel company was started in the name of Lightspeed. Litespeed This is a very old company that was formed to help people, and the company is a very TRUSTED company with being very old.

LifePoints Panel Company is located in 70 countries all over the world and more than 5,000,000 people are associated with this company worldwide. It reaches the company’s product to the people through an online survey and checks the likes and dislikes of the people.

There is no fraud of any kind with you in this company, as well as the Lifepoints panel also has a safe check of your privacy policy so that you do not have to suffer any loss. Join from the link given below.

Lifepoints Panel Surveys:-

Now you must be thinking that how will the surveys come. So let me tell you that the LIfepoints panel gives you 5-6 online surveys daily which range from 25 points to 100 points. All Lifepoints surveys are very easy but you have to answer them correctly.

Lifepoints Panel Payout:-

Talking about the Payout of the company, this company gives you an easy payout. In this company, you get many payment options like Paypal, amazon gift card, Flipkart Gift card, Bookmyshow Voucher, etc.

If you have to Payout, then you can withdraw your payment of 300 rs. You have been given an Amazon Voucher of 300rs which you will be able to use in the Amazon app. If you have to get a payout in your bank account, then you have also been given the option of the Paypal app.

  1. The Panel Station

By giving a little more time in a very short time, ghar baithkar online surveys sovle karke paise kamana hai, then you should quickly join the Panel Station. Because this is the best way which can easily give you income and in panel station you get more income in less points.

Information about The Panel Station :-

If we talk about The panel station, then it is not a very old company, but it is moving forward with time. The work of the panel station is that it helps all the companies to reach the brands to the people.

The panel station says “Your voice, our panel, a better brand!” In this way, it is a very powerful company to rule the hearts of the people. More than 3.11 million people are connected to the panel station and the panel station pays more than $ 2 million to all of them every year.

Now you must be thinking that why does The panel station pay? So let me tell you that from The panel station Amazon, Flipcart, Paytm, JB Hi-Fi etc. Like a big company is connected, which takes feedback about its products from the customers of Panel Station and pays Panel Station, then some percentage of that Panel Station gives you.

You can also install the Panel Station app from the Google Play store. With which you can solve Surveys in mobile as well.

How to start work in The Panel Station :-

If you want to work in the panel station, then it is very simple, you have to register by visiting the link given below, after that you have to create your account, then you have to give some of your information.

If you use my Referral Code while joining, then you are given 500 points for free. My Referal code is 0OCCS6. Don’t forget to use this.

The Panel Station Surveys :-

If you join the panel station, then daily you will get about 7-8 online surveys, which are between 100-1500 points. If you join Panel Station Paints with my Referral code then you will get 500 points free, partner only you will get 1200 points for completing your profile.

Panel Station Payouts:-

Now talking about all payouts, you can redeem 3000 Points, in which you are given a reward of 400rs. In the panel station, you get many companies like Paytm, Amazon, Flipkart, etc to get the reward.

If you redeem then you will get a Reward in your mail within 10 days. And you can easily use it.

The Panel Staion Payment Proofs :-

  1. Opinion Bureau

Opinion Bureau is a huge online survey site that pays you to solve online surveys from home. If you face any problem, they try to help you 24*7.

Information about Opinion Bureau:-

If we talk about it, then this company is a USA-based company that does its work in different countries. This is a very big online platform where you are given surveys as well as polls, which you can easily reduce by answering.

This is the Best Paid Survey Site which is the top most recognized site in the USA. But you will not get many online surveys on this site in India, here you get daily polls, by answering which you can easily reduce. You are given 10 points for answering a poll.

This company says that “Give your opinion and don’t let your opinion make a difference” This company is working.

How to Join Opinion Bureau Survey :-

If you are thinking of earning money from Online Survey, then you should join this survey by going to the link given below, so that you will be able to join easily.

You have to click on the Join Button given below and you have to join, then you have to complete your profile, then you get 100 rs. If you complete the profile with complete details then you will get 25rs more.

Opinion Bureau Surveys & Polls :-

If you want to do Online Surveys from Opinion Bureau, then you rarely get Surveys here. You can easily earn by answering Opinion Bureau Polls. You get to see Polls here every day, which is equal to 10 points in one poll.

Opinion Bureau Payouts :-

Your readem payment is given to you within 7 days. If your 500 points are enough, then you get a payout of 250rs. Which you can withdraw from Paytm, Flipkart.

Opinion Bureau Payment Proof :-

  1. Univox Community

There is a very good Online Survey company which pays easily and also helps a lot. This is considered a very simple way to earn money from a home online surveys. If you see the review of the company then you will know.

Information about Univox Community :-

This is a US-based online Survey Platform company that conducts surveys to people and pays them if people do Survey Solve well.

The company says that it helps people to earn money through online surveys in a simple way, and also pays you through different gift cards.

How to join Univox Community :-

If you also want to join Univox Community, then you simply have to register by visiting Then you have to create your account. As soon as you joined, you are given 200 Points for free.

You have also been given a Referral Program in the Univox Community. If you join your friend with your link, then you get 100 points and if your friend completes a survey, then 10 points are given to you.

Univox Community Surveys & Polls :–

Talking about earning money from an online survey, it provides the most surveys. Univox Community gives you more than 10-20 surveys daily. You can easily solve Surveys, you can generate your income.

Along with Surveys, Univox also provides Community Polls. Which is given to you daily, if you answer a poll, then you are given 3 points.

Univox Community Payment Proof :–

5. Telly Pulse

Telly pulse is a small platform that sends you online surveys, but this platform is considered to be a branch of Opinion Company. This online surveys primes you.

Information about Telly Pulse :-

If we talk about telly pulse, then it is a small branch of an Opinion company, which gives you surveys in a very good way, which you can answer easily.

In TellyPulse you see a mix of 500 companies that help you earn easily by sending surveys, tellypulse claims to have 1 million members.

By the way, Telly Pulse is one of the biggest Market research companies which was started in 2016. TellyPulse is a branch of Us based company.

How to Join Telly Pulse :-

You can easily join by visiting After joining, you are asked some questions which are meant to complete your profile. Once your profile is complete, you are given surveys.

Telly Pulse Surveys :-

Here you get surveys easily and for a survey you are given between 25-75 rs. If you solve tellypulse survey completely then only you get your payment. Here you get very few Tellypulse Online Surveys but the income is high.

Telly Pulse Payouts :-

Here you get paid from Flipcart Gift voucher, BookmyShow Voucher. You can get peyote from 105 rs to 500 rs here, which you get within 10 days.

Telly Pulse Payment Proof :-


Now you must have understood that money is earned from online surveys. If you have any complaints in this post written by us on this Online Survey Se Paise Kamaye {Top 5 Best Survey Sites}, then you can contact us or tell us by commenting.

If you have any problem joining Online Surveys, then you can tell by commenting below, or you can also ask us through Mail. We will try our best to solve your doubts, we will definitely tell you their solutions. Thanks..!

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