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How to buy BTT crypto in India in 2022

How to buy BTT crypto in India? Buying your first cryptocurrency can be an exciting experience, but it can also be complicated! We’ve made the process as simple as possible. In this guide, we’ll walk you through each step of the process so you can start buying BTT crypto in India today!

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What is BTT (BitTorrent token)?

BitTorrent Token (BTT) is a cryptocurrency token built on top of the Qtum blockchain. BitTorrent, created by Bram Cohen, is a peer-to-peer protocol-based application that allows users to exchange large files. It was initially launched in 2001 and quickly became one of the most popular file-sharing programs with millions of users from around the globe using it every day. BitTorrent Inc., which developed and maintains the Torrent platform uses advertising as a major source of revenue for running its operations. Thus, when you download a file through the torrent platform you contribute some part of your bandwidth capacity for serving ads thus enabling them to make money out of your contribution too.

How to buy cryptocurrency online in India?

Since there are many platforms in India that let you buy cryptocurrency online, we’ll provide you with a shortlist of some of them. Check out these websites and places to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, or other cryptocurrencies.

  • Wazirx
  • CoinDCX
  • Unocoin
  • Binance
  • ByBit
  • KoinSwitch Kuber

Best wallets for Bitcoin, Ethereum, altcoins and tokens in India

So you’ve decided to take part in a token sale or invest in cryptocurrencies, but where can you store your tokens? You might have heard about cold storage and hardware wallets before. And you might have even read about some of their advantages. But what are they exactly, how do they work, and how do you use them? In today’s guide, we will be covering all of that so that your tokens are safe once they reach your wallet. Let’s get started!

Hardware wallets are physical devices that connect to your computer or mobile device via USB. They store your private keys on a hardware device and use a PIN code or password for authentication. They are very secure and give you total control over your funds, so they’re often used by large-scale investors. One thing you need to consider is that they don’t allow you to add any cryptocurrencies of your choice, unlike other wallets. The only ones that can be stored are those created by the company that manufactured it (for example Ledger Nano S).

Soft wallets are software wallets that are stored on your computer or mobile device. They can either be a desktop, mobile, or online wallet. Desktop wallets store your private keys on your hard drive and online/mobile wallets store them in an online storage server. You have complete control over these wallets, but also take responsibility for their security. One thing you need to keep in mind is that if your computer or phone gets hacked or damaged, you could lose all of your funds. A few soft wallets we recommend checking out include MyEtherWallet (desktop), Jaxx (desktop and mobile), Enjin Wallet (mobile), Bitcoin Core (desktop), and MetaMask (web browser).

Hardware wallets usually support a wide range of cryptocurrencies, and they are built with security in mind. They cost more than other options but come with a wide range of benefits that can help you secure your funds. If you do decide to go with a hardware wallet, it’s best if you choose one created by an established brand or at least make sure that it has good reviews online. Some popular hardware wallets include Ledger Nano S (recommended), Trezor, KeepKey, Digital Bitbox, and Wallet One.

Soft wallets are very convenient because they don’t require any software downloads or updates; all you need is an internet connection. You may also want to consider their convenience for on-the-go use and, depending on what type of phone you have, their appearance when used. Soft wallets vary from app to app so see what features interest you most before choosing one. However, unlike hardware wallets, soft ones offer no built-in security so we recommend doing thorough research before deciding which one is right for you.

Here are Some of our top choices:

  • Binance
  • Wazirx
  • Trust Wallet
  • BuyUcoin
  • Coinbase

Where to buy BitTorrent Token (BTT) in India?

This has been a good year for cryptocurrencies, with their prices and value skyrocketing higher than most experts predicted. If you’re looking to buy BTT cryptocurrency but don’t know where you’ve come to the right place. We have compiled a list of exchanges that currently accept fiat currency (INR) deposits as well as offer trading pairs of BTT / INR.

Quick fact about BitTorrent Token (BTT)

The BitTorrent Token (BTT) is a relatively new cryptocurrency. It was launched in January 2019. Although it’s still unclear whether or not it will be a success, early reports suggest that there is some sort of interest in BTT tokens among investors and traders. The idea behind using BTT tokens is also quite interesting – they should make transactions via BitTorrent even more efficient than ever before!

Please let us know in the comments about your favorite cryptocurrency and you can check our article about Shiba Inu Coin here.

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